Van Gogh and Marclay's The Clock at the National Gallery

What a difference a year makes. This time last year I was at the National Gallery in Ottawa enjoying the powerful images and technical magnificance of Caravaggio--this year it is Van Gogh. And there were significantly more people--at least double if not more in attendance. While Caravaggio is a lesser known figure to current day audiences, his mastery of the technical, and his subject matter of a more somber bilblical and human narrative offered a complex, multi-layered and emotionally powerful viewing experience. Van Gogh by contrast offered light, colour and work that crossed over to impressionistic and abstract at times. His use of strong colour and his assertive brushstrokes loaded w

Garlic Scapes

I admit it--I am a bit of a fan of all things related to farmers markets and fresh produce locally grown. This year we bought into a farming cooperative program called the Cutting Veg. This week I picked up my share for the week from the farm and found myself with garlic scapes--one of my favourites. I know when I see garlic scapes that spring has now been taken over by summer and I will be making pesto with it, stir frying it into veggies etc. Eco-Centric is a blog that has a great article on garlic scapes: everything you could possibly want to know and more. Kavanah Garden is another organic garden just north of Toronto where I spent a day photographing the garden in early Spring. Gar

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