Garlic Scapes

I admit it--I am a bit of a fan of all things related to farmers markets and fresh produce locally grown. This year we bought into a farming cooperative program called the Cutting Veg. This week I picked up my share for the week from the farm and found myself with garlic scapes--one of my favourites.

I know when I see garlic scapes that spring has now been taken over by summer and I will be making pesto with it, stir frying it into veggies etc. Eco-Centric is a blog that has a great article on garlic scapes: everything you could possibly want to know and more.

Kavanah Garden is another organic garden just north of Toronto where I spent a day photographing the garden in early Spring. Garlic scapes are contrasted again the blue paint of the picnic bench they just pop out of the photo. You can have a look at the Kavanah Series and think of all things garlic and green....

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