Morning Mist on Lake Birch

Lake Birch in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec is a source of inspiration for me. I continually come back to photograph it in whatever season I can, and in the early morning of mid-October there I was camera in hand....

Atlas of the Human Body

My latest project is an artistic investigation into the workings of the human body. I am working on a series of abstracted images of some fascinating photos I came across in a book entitled "The Photographic Atlas of the Human Body." What I saw as beautiful images of abstract art were in fact a pictorial view of the human body and its organs through a variety of imaging technologies. The imagery was striking as the dyes for the imaging process created a surreal, abstract effect. The therapist who lent me the book recalled a story of a client who was recovering from a car accident and used the book as a visualization aid to identify the specific aspects of her body as she was healing. I f

"Red is a Whore Colour" : Explorations in Black and White Upcoming Show

I will be having a solo show of my black and white abstract paintings at the Cell Gallery, Gallery 1313 from February 19 - March 2. Opening reception for the show is on Thursday February, 20 from 7 - 9 p.m. The title of the show is "Red is a Whore Colour": Explorations in Black and White--need I say more? A nod to some typical art school advice I received in class one day....some phrases just never leave you... Looking forward to a great evening!

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