Time Is The Clever Conceit

Time is the clever conceit of The Clock—how we run our lives by it, how it consumes our very being of every minute of the day and how we seamlessly imprison ourselves with it. It is also a tribute to the movies throughout history and how as an art form it can morph and emerge into a completely different animal. It is a tour de force of video collage, sound editing and conceptual art. Marclay deservedly won the Golden Lion for Best Artist Award at the 2011 Venice Biennale for The Clock. Ironically, Marclay is not a movie buff but the 24 hours of The Clock also turns into a homage to the art of film as well. Raised and educated in Switzerland Marclay has lived and worked in the States but

What I Did On My Summer Vacation Part II:Josiah McElheny at The ICA Boston

Boston in the summer is terrific—particularly when you are at the redeveloped water front and can take water taxis to your destinations and get an amazing view of downtown Boston. Boston did what Toronto can only talk about—they buried their version of the Gardiner expressway and created a parkland that is outstanding . Nothing that 10 years of work and 16 billions dollars can’t achieve…but if I digress into that quagmire called municipal politics I may get stuck in it. Art is so much better… The former derelict South Boston Seaport District harbourfront area has been rejuvenated with a concert stadium, trendy restaurants, hotels and of course upscale condos. In the middle of this constr

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