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Fall In Montreal

It was one of those glorious Fall days in Eastern Canada where Mother Nature gives us a last lingering goodbye to sunshine and warmth until May (yes I said May). Between the stunning Fall foliage left on the trees to the wet ones on the ground, all was good with the world in the sunshine. Montreal was in its Fall glory and I happened to find some impressive public art sculptures on my walk along with Montreal's flair for design and art in full display. I dropped by a favourite cafe/patisserie Clementine on Sherbrooke street and lingered over a cappuccino watching the sun setting over the buildings.

These last few months have been busy with artistic infrastructure projects--a new updated website is coming soon along with some special photography work. I am also continuing in the studio and building upon my abstract/impressionistic landscape "Home" series. I am continuing my collaboration with Vida an unique social enterprise that promotes literacy/math training along with an opportunity to create original works of art on apparel. You can check out my collection at

I leave you with some photos of the last days of Fall......

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