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Black and White Panel Series

Over the last few weeks I have been working on what I call my "black & white panel series" where I

Black and White Panel

have taken the same size of paper and restricted my colour palette to only black and white acrylic paint. I consistently did them every morning and found that my inclination was to develop the ideas of one panel and respond to it in my next panel. As I viewed the entire series of 20 panels that emerged out of this process, I saw groupings of panels that responded to each other --a dialogue was created.

While these works began an exercise in setting limits (given my love of colour) I became involved in the relationship between the the two colours and how they drove my sense of composition rather that deciding on the direction of the composition first--the movement of the paint and the merging of the tonalities dictated what direction to go in. They have an “in the moment” feel and yet are detailed and nuanced at the same time.

View the complete Black & White Panel Series to see for yourself.

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