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Photopia @Gallery 44 This Week

Gallery 44 is having its annual Photopia show/sale this year with opening reception this Friday, April 26 from 6 - 9 p.m. The piece I have submitted is titled "Sunflower Deconstructed" The tension between abstract and representation is a ongoing interest for me and I am exploring this tension through digital manipulation of images that capture my interest. It is usually colour or texture that grabs my attention --I "deconstruct" them and then rebuild the image into an altered state. The Sunflower is one of these images and to illustration the process here are two images. One that is fully abstracted and then an overlay of the original image. The sense of depth and fragmentation is visible as you look closer into the photograph.

There will be some fabulous work available at Photopia this year so be sure to check out the show!

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