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Art Clash at Linden

For a newbie to the concept of an “art battle” I was pleased to participate in the 4Storeys Up Art Clash this past week as a fundraiser for The Linden School for girls located in midtown Toronto. We started with 6 artists and ended with two finalists, myself and a Linden grad/alumni. We were allowed 20 minutes per round and as the sun was setting on the rooftop we finished the final round. It was an entertaining event and loads of fun. While I came in second, I am pleased to say that both paintings were sold and went to a great cause.

Have a look at the sold paintings for the Art Clash as well as three paintings I did as a practice run for the event. Each took 20 minutes to paint and are done in acrylic on canvas. I never realized how stimulating and fun an “art battle” could be….

Art Clash Prep I

Art Clash Prep II

Art Clash Prep III

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