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Travel: A Juried Exhibition at Pearson Terminal 1 Gallery

I am quite excited about participating in "Travel: A Juried Exhibition" at Pearson Airport Terminal 1 Gallery. Every two years the Gallery has a call for submissions and this year was one of the highest responses for the 2013 theme of Travel. You can check out the brochure to see the diversity of the successful submissions and their interpretation on travel --only 19 artworks were selected from the 420 works submitted.

"Tracy Arm Fjord Calving" captures one of those unexpected moments in travel when you are in the moment experiencing a rare event. Ice calving is when a glacier loses some of its ice--usually a loud crack is heard following by large chunks of ice falling into the water. The moment was unforgettable. The "Travel" exhibition runs from November 21, 2013- April 13, 2014 at Pearson Interational Airport, Terminal 1.

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