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Reclamation at the Red Head Gallery

While doing a bit of gallery hopping at 401 Richmond earlier in the month, I caught the opening reception of Sally Thurlow's "Reclamation" at the Red Head Gallery. The show made an impression, especially her aluminum screening, mixed media pieces that were "sewn"

together with reclaimed objects embedded between the layers. Their delicacy and strength are captivating. The show evolved from an artists' residency at Gros Morne, Newfoundland combined with her life at the family cottage beside Lake Ontario.

"There is little that presents a more enjoyable ability than to be in the moment and walk on the beach." Thurlow explains. This wandering inquiry permeates the show. Driftwood is reinvented and morphs into iconic imagery of strength and resiliency. Various items beachcombed over time are also incorporated into the show. Try to catch the show before it closes June 15. Now Magazine has rated it a "must see" show for the season.

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