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Spring Studio Tour May 5 & 6

The forecast is sunny and warm for this weekend --ideal conditions for my open

house studio tour this year. I will be transforming my backyard into an outdoor gallery with my outdoor art and indoor art pieces including my Black and White and Dreamscape series. There will also be limited edition prints, lithographs and smaller pieces available for sale. Check out the North Toronto Group of Artists website to view the map and brochure for directions and details. There will be 16 local artists in the Yonge/Lawrence area participating in the Tour. The website is

Forest Pathway

If the weather truly turns out great --I will have a small installation set up outside to highlight my limited edition artist book "Memories of the Forest". It is a mixed media piece comprised of original artwork, photography and text on the themes of war, exile and the concept of "home".

On a lighter note, there will also be a colourful children's book available for viewing titled "As The Butterfly Lay in the Grass", a digital art creation with original story and text suitable for children under the age of 5.

People have asked me in the past how to hang the outdoor paintings that are painted on birch wood. I always have a cache of flush mount brackets available to demonstrate and include them in the purchase of the painting.

Putting the finishing touches on a few pieces--hope to see you this weekend!

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