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Nuite Blanche and "Insominia" At the Red Head Gallery

Toronto's all night contemporary art event Nuit Blanche begins at sundown 7 p.m. today and goes til sunrise. My 13 year old daughter is coming with me tonight and I will be very interested in seeing her reactions to all the installation and conceptual art exhibitions that will be going on. I can't think of a better way to introduce her to the world of contemporary art.

I am excited to be participating in a salon-style show entitled "Insominia" at the Redhead Gallery at 401 Richmond St W. for Nuit Blanche. Look out for a painting entitled "Whirlwinds of my Mind", a black & white acrylic painting in the show. There is a glimpse of it below on the right side just behind the "ball of yarn" chair (the long narrow painting).

401 Richmond has one of the most vibrant art communities in the city with many other activities going on tonight as part of Nuit Blanche. Not to mention that it is a very cool building -it is a restored century-old tin factory. It is filled with artist studios, galleries and arts based groups throughout the building. I will be checking out the winter installation at Gallery 44, Open Studio which will open its doors to its printmaking studio space, as well as the Wynick/Tuck Gallery to mention a few....

I will also be checking out Queen St West at Dufferin where the Gladstone Hotel and the Drake Hotel will be having installations throughout their building. Look out for Redhead gallery's Sam Mogelonsky's installation at the Gladstone's "Fly By Night" show in the art bar. There will also be independent exhibits throughout the galleries in the area. I will also be dropping by the south tower at RBC (Front & Bay) to visit my friend Sonya who is in a "mystery" installation that has something to do with ice cream I am told.

I will be tweeting my impressions of Nuit Blanche throughout the evening so follow me on Twitter @erlichshar. Ice cream here I come....

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