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The tension between representational and abstract and what emerges from it is what interests me as a visual artist. I am looking for the narrative in the details of my surroundings and trying to capture impressions as well as a sense of place in the moment.

The abstraction of the subject and the tactile nature of the medium are key focal points for me.  While the work of the abstract impressionists figure strongly in my outlook, I find inspiration and kinship in the works of the Automatiste movement that orginated in Quebec. Themes of renewal, nature and home, organically emerge in my work with a strong focus on colour and texture with multiple layers exhibiting the ongoing dialogue.

My work has been exhibited at the Agnes Jamieson Gallery, Pearson International Airport and other local galleries in Toronto. My works can be found in private collections throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Quebec, and New York. Works range from paintings on canvas to outdoor murals on wood.  


Gallery 1313, Toronto, Ontario

Gallery 44, Toronto, Ontario

Partial Gallery

Saatchi Art Gallery sharonerlichman/

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